Big Smooooooth (j_rod) wrote,
Big Smooooooth

Awright peoples............

Here it is. You ready foh dis?

5 stadiums. 5 days. 1 crazy trip.

Camden Yards (Orioles) - 9/7
PNC Park (Pirates) - 9/8
Citizens Bank Park (Phillies) - 9/9
RFK Stadium (Nationals) - 9/10
FedEx Field (Bears/Redskins) - 9/11

And mustn't we forget: Fallingwater.

Departure in T-6 hours. The countdown has begun.

I bid you all adieu.
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Damn son! Have fun!!! Post details of all when you get back!

OMG, I almost forgot, I have video I need to compress and can send you of the drift competition last weekend at Irwindale... Falken tires had a '69 Camaro out there DRIFTING it up!!! Cool stuff for sure! :D
Duuuuuuuuuuuuude. I've seen that camaro:)
I went for a spin in the new ZO6 tonight yo. It's......insane.

You. Me. After the trip. Hookin up. Not like that you sicko.
haha, darn! ;p Ok, it's on like Don Juan!
Have fun =)

So when you guys hook up I'm invited, right? Need a chaperone or a photographer - I'm there.
Sounds awesome. I wanna go. Hey! Look over there! ::crawls inside your suitcase::
Pictures from jord's travels..


September 24 2005, 13:53:40 UTC 12 years ago

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ohhh awesome. pretty random, huh! :D
where the heck are you? start updating or else!! ;)