Big Smooooooth (j_rod) wrote,
Big Smooooooth

Alright, okay, you win....

Lemme start out by saying our Halloween Party = Very Yes. I don't think we had *quite* the turn out we had last year, but all in all we really had our sh!t together. Aside from my mugs suicide dive into the sink, I had an absolute blast. Faces old and new, heavy boozin and great conversations......what more could you ask for? And of course, there's no way this could have happened without our crew. No way, no how. We got this shit down, and that's no joke.

Next up to bat: NHRA, Taliesin West, then Thanksgiving. Should prove to be an eventful November. I've been starving lately to get my hands on a genuine piece of decent architecture; something void of misdirection, something to manipulate my psyche in a way only a sense of space can do. Rectilinear, curvilinear, displacement, compression, release.....give me something. Anything. Ando's solemn vows to the earth, OMAs perversion of form, even Scofidio's divinity of space......

It's all so very real. Cause & effect aside; affection is where I'm at.

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