Big Smooooooth (j_rod) wrote,
Big Smooooooth

14 year recurring dream.....

So I thought I would post a recurring dream I have been having for at least 14 years now. This dream used to happen at least once a month, sometimes as much as 5 or 6 times a month. I thought it was gone forever, as I haven't experienced it in over a year recently, but it has resurfaced.....and strangly, I'm rather grateful. Forgive my grammar and typing in the following manuscript, as it's formatted more along the lines of a conscious stream of thought. Alright, here we go.

So it starts off in the air, its a cool night...clear as can view is always coming down from the sky, approaching a city from above....a very large city...metropolis...much like NYC... many skyscrapers.. i can see all the detail come into focus as I approach the city..mind you im not a person flying...the view is just a camera view.. so this view comes down into the city, flying in and out of buildings. All across the city there is a celebration going on...much like a new years party..confetti everywhere. The streets are FILLED with noise and laughter and an immense amount of people. The view starts moving up this one skyscraper... its a few stories higher than the others in its area.. the building itself is an art deco/nouveau/gothic twist.. i can 'see' all the detail on the building as the camera pans up the side... then it gets to the top..the penthouse.. the view moves in and there is a party going on. It's a loft space, this penthouse... its a very open, very spacious penthouse with an almost transparent glass wall that separates the interior from the exterior...a pool sits outside, reflecting off the loft...its hard to separate what is inside from what is outside...yet it all has a very urban, industrial feel...people are making there way in and out of the interior...through the glass to the outside...and there is a song playing... the song is quite strange, as it came around 3 or 4 years into the dream....but it was VERY similiar to the song Sonique-It feels so Good...... although I didn't hear it on the radio 2 years after i heard it in my dream..... the song was so similiar the very first time I heard that song in the radio I had to pull over to the side of the road because I started having what seemed like flashbacks of my dream while I was awake, while i was driving. This song INSTANTLY triggered the dream. I could 'see' every detail while I was awake.. so the view pans inside...and there is a man and a woman dancing in the crowd of people....but they are so focused on each other ....almost as if they are in their own world... then I realize: The man is ME. So I look at him and realize that its me, but it isnt: this guy has a different body, dresses in attire very differnet from my own, but he moves like me...his rhythm is how I I feel.. its ME...just a different look.The view starts to pan around the woman and 'I' dancing. 360 degrees around, ever so slowly... I can feel how she thinks...we mesh so well mentally, words aren't even needed or used....we're so much on the same plane of thought that our acknowledgement of each others existence is enough for us to understand one another. They are very into each other, almost to the point of infatuation, but not quite. I know how she thinks, yet I can't see what she is GOING to think, although what she does think I immediately connect with. I have this concentration on the movement of 'her' body, a feeling that the movements are foreign to me. I [as the view] start to circle around them, to catch a glimpse of the face of this woman... I can see her height, smaller than i; 5'9", possibly 5'10" [I'm 6'4"]. Her hair is long and a dark brown, almost black, with a slight wave to it. She has the grace of a swan, but here is the clincher: I have NEVER seen her face. Never. I catch an ear, a sillouhette, her lips as they brush against my neck, her hands, her neck, but never really her face. That is how it usually ends, panning around 'the dance', everything fades out. The dream is entirely concentrated on the couple. The feeling I get as I look at myself in this setting is that it is exactly where I want to be; its the home that i want to have, its the attire i want to dress in. It has never changed, not even a lil bit. Only more and more detail has been added over the years.
One last thought about the woman: I can't predict her. I can't say what shes going to say, but when she says it, I agree. On a side note: I can predict myself. I know how I'll act in given situations, just because I *know* that about me.

*I recorded this a few years ago, and I must admit, I have seen the womans face a couple times, but something was different with the dream; colors were off, details were a bit skewed, it's like the 'face' I saw was almost forced into the dream. The 'force' may have come through a number of channels, but it definitely wasn't bad. It just seemed like an alternate state of the norm.

Anyway, there ya go.

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